Saturday, February 12, 2011


Yes that is Julia Stiles sitting in the pink dress. It was fun to see her!

This outfit was by far my favorite look of the show. It was so cool and modern. I am in love with long maxi skirts at the moment and the color made it even better. The black jacket was quilted, although it looks like it could be leather. Overall the entire outfit had really great detailing.

Here are a few pics from the Cynthia Rowley show. It was really amazing! The whole experience was so unreal because it was my first fashion show ever. The second the lights went down and back up at the start of the show I got kind of choked up. I had this feeling in my stomach and couldn't believe where I was.  I got to witness such an unbelievable collection. Her clothes were luxirous and really pretty. Loved the structure of them. Each piece was sexy and looked like it was made for a women; however, not alot of skin was showing. The line was very tasteful! This is a very hard effect to pull off and yet it was done just right. I was obsessed with the colors all very muted burnt fall colors.

The coolest thing about this show was definitely the way the models walked out. There were a few models that would come out from the back of the runway corners and walk across the stage in their underwear. Just a pair of bra and panties. It gave a feel as thought you were kind of backstage with them. As they walked back and forth models would strut down the runway. It was a really fun aspect to the show. I have a video of it and I'll be sure to post it soon! Still going to a few shows through out the week so I will keep them coming. Enjoy :)

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